TaG Cycling Zwift Climb with Jordan Cheyne – August 4 at 7am

Join Jordan Cheyne in a TaGCycling Zwift meetup Tuesday August 4rth.  Jordan won White Rock at Super week in 2019 and is currently winning significant Zwift circuit races like Joe Martins.
Our TaG Cycling Race Team u23 team riders will join him and help guide riders through the climb honing some climbing skill..AND Zwift technique, join us with your Smart Trainers
TaG will set up a Zwift Meetup for Tuesday August 4 at 7am    The TaG Zwift Meetup will be under  account – “JON WATKIN (TAG CYCLING)“.   Route will be the Muir and the Mountain in Watopia.  Here is route info: https://zwiftinsider.com/route/muir-and-the-mountain/
We will ride as a group for 5.2km until we reach the base of the Epic KOM.  Afterwards, faster riders go as hard as they wish and let other riders complete the ride at their own pace.  Jordan will be communicating with all levels on discord and can still offer some Zwift tips and best practices via Discord to both the slower and faster riders.  This will be a unique experience for many..to have a coach out there with them who is able to give feedback from his virtual birds eye view.

What is required for people to join?

Here is a good video link to get people started https://zwift.com/ca/video/how-to-cycling):
  • 1) Hardware:  Need a smart trainer or a bicycle with a power meter mounted on a standard trainer.   Zwift will need to connect via Bluetooth or ANT+ to the device.
  • 2) Software:  Zwift App on iPhone or iPad, or download Zwift for PC: https://zwift.com/ca/download
  • 3) Software: Zwift companion App for iPhone or Android: https://zwift.com/ca/companion
  • 4) Subscription:  Need to already be subscribing to Zwift or you need to register.  Currently they are offering a free 30 day trial: https://zwift.com/shop/30-day-hometrial
  • 5) On Zwift companion App find  “JON WATKIN (TAG CYCLING)” and <FOLLOW>.
  • 6) Discord: Download for either PC or phone: https://discord.com/new.   Link to join ride is here: https://discord.gg/p3mCreN
There will be a FREE CLASS sign on at www.tagcycling.com so that we can communicate with anyone trying to get in with Jordans Climb  … BOOK IT