TaG Club 2020

August 16   TaG Club –  Richmond ride  – meet at Dunbar Cycles 

August 11 – Gravel Ride – Meeting at End of the Line at 5:45pm 

    • 4193 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver

August 13  – Power Hr – Meeting at the Worksyard at 5:30pm 

TaG Climbing Challenge Results – July 2020

Team Climbing Challenge – 4 segments (2-4 riders)
1st place in each riding group – Polka Jersey
  • ESPRESSO – Tequila and 2X Beer – Colleen , Mark H, Sam M
  • MACHIATTO – We Ride for Rose – Kathleen, Karen W , Sandra W
  • XTRA SHOT  – White Lightening-   Tiffany, David F, Harvey
Solo Climbing Challenge – accumulated climbing elevation
1st place in each riding group
  • ESPRESSO – Sam B
  • MACHIATTO – Rob Mc
  • XTRA SHOT – Gaylean S
  • LATTE – Sandra L
  • TaG COACH – Sam
Mt Logan climbers  (+6000) Jane L, Matt M, Matti S, Suzanne S
Machapuchare (+7000) –  Derek G, Kim F, Annabel, Harvey,  Brandy Z, Sharon A, Andrew J
Annapurna  (+8100)-  Laddie, Sandy F, Mark H, Mike B, Vincent
Everest  (+8800) – Kevin M, Darcie Y, Nikki S, Sarah M, Sarah F, Andrea, Colleen, Ted, Karin J, Mike S, Sam M, Chloe, Sandra W, Karen W
2 peaks  (+13,000) – Sandra L, Jay M, Marcel , Kathleen, Goody, Paul J, Gaylean, David S, Beth T, Sam M, Rob M, Dave I, Geoff C
3 Peaks  (+21,100) – Sam B

We are excited to start TaG Sunday  Club rides. The first ride was June 21 – North Shore

TaG will be following the BC Ministry of Health guidelines and Return To Sport outline from Cycling BC.
For those of you returning to the TaG Club, these rides will be a little different than what we are used to so please become familiar with the New Normal for Group riding .

Smaller groups ,  2 start times…. Cappuccino’s Groups  First Ride June 21  !

What  you need to know –

  • All Riders must agree to the TaG Cycling online waiver, before their first ride.  The TaG waiver contains an additional Covid-19  Rider Responsibility declaration at the beginning of the waiver.
  • All riders must register on the TaG schedule before each ride, to facilitate contact tracing. Riders not registered can not ride with a group
  • Each group is capped at a Maximum of 10 riders
  • Riders need to familiarize themselves with the TaGCycling Covid-19 Safety plan before attending their first ride
  • All riders are expected to maintain 2m apart at all times, measured seat to seat, unless in a family bubble
  • Anyone who is (or has in the last 14 days) experienced any flu-like or Covid-19 symptoms are expected not to participate in TaG Club rides
  • Anyone who has travelled out of Canada in the last 14 days may not participate in TaG Club rides until they have completed mandatory self isolation

Please check our TaG Cycling Outdoor Covid Safety Plan before attending your first ride

Stay connected on Strava – send  a request to join the TaG Club group on Strava TaG Club on Strava 

  • NEW – TaG Club Climbing Challenge June 15- July 15 – email for details register your group (2-4 riders)

TaG Club 2020 

2020 TaG Club ..Ride together…Event together..learn and socialize

  • Includes TaG Cycling Jersey
  • Sunday Club Rides – 3 alternating rides
  • Club Info Sessions
  •  TaG Merchandise (15% off Technical  )
  • TaGClub members rate  on Clinics,  Saturday Endurance Rides and TaG Club indoor packages
  • TaG club group rate @ Tour De Victoria – Ride with the Club !
  • Dunbar and Corsa Cycles – Partner discounts in store
  • Steed Cycles, Obsession Bikes , Coastal Culture – Partner discounts instore
  • $129+gst

TaG  Torque and TakeOut Training 

The  TaG TakeOUT  plan will keep progressing your fitness and skills throughout the year..
Includes a monthly package of LIVESTREAMING  classes and Training Guide

  • Indoor Unlimited LIVSTREAMING classes
  • Includes Monthly Training Guide
  • Outdoor Power Hr and written weekly workouts included
  • $59/ month

*email TaG For TaG Bike Rental 

TaG Partners – Visit TaG Partners.  Instore discount available for TaGClub members.

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