TaG Power Hour – Returns Spring 2018

Stay Tuned – Power Hour will return Spring 2018

Let’s keep all that great winter training going by adding an outside training session once a week. This is a great quality workout bringing our same principles and TaG Cycling from the studio to the street.

Join us for Thursday Power Hour…well its closer to an hour and a half but that doesn’t Rhyme…

  • Where: Cypress 6-7:30PM meeting across from the works yard at the base

Progression of intervals each week building physiological adaptation, strength and principles on the bike. All the elements you have worked on with us indoors now become practically applied to the bike. Pacing. Threshold riding. Accelerations. Gearing and Cadence Variations. Big Gear work. Strength. VO2 Max development

  • The meeting point for Power Hour on Thursdays nights is across from the works yard of Cypress at the base. Before you start climbing, before the 2km sign, but past Mulgrave School. Works yard on the right, and parking on the left of the road.