First or Fastest Fondo Training with TaG Cycling

Stay Tuned for 2018 – Faster -Fondo Training Program

Ride your Fastest, First or “Funnest” Fondo.

8 indoor TaGCycle /- 8 outdoor Power Hour & 3 Endurance Rides (choose from 8 Endurance   rides) TaGCycle Indoor will feature training workouts on various aspects of the Whistler Fondo Course
Access the TaG Training program here  2017 FASTER FONDO_JULY

TaG Coached Endurance Group Rides. These rides will take a building approach to riding the Whistler and Valley Fondos. Taking it in bite size pieces, with some adventure routes added for variation. Rides will all have our qualified coaches taking care of the group.  120km plus rides are supported  with a vehicle