Cypress Challenge

The CypressChallenge was a huge fundraising success for Pancreatic Cancer. What a great vibe and thank you race team and TaG riders..for helping the fundraising.Over $2500 from your efforts! Shout out to the TaG Kings and Queens of the Mountain. U18yrs Ben Katerberg(,31:07)&Maggie Coles Lyster(44:24),W35Leah Guloien(34:41) and W55Jane Weller(39.29) Max Duso was the fastest (and… Read More


While much of the TaG Race Team was concentrating on UPHILL in the CypressChallenge Fundraiser. Our own TaG Partner Chrissy deVall and Jenn Mcavish were killing it at the Whistler CrankworxEnduro Chrissy is a MTBXC Olympian but damn shes fast downhill. Chrissy won the Amateur 21 plus womens (she has lots of PLUS….) and Jenn… Read More

Congratulations Ironman and 70.3 finishers at Whistler IM

July 24 What a great weekend for our TaG Trained posse.. Congratulations to our Ironman and 70.3 Finishers at Whistler. Glynis Webster Lorraine Hartley,Stu and Erin, Marla Zucht, Mark Gershon you are Ironmen!! Harvey Dykes great job in 70.3 (and we know you’re a 2015 Ironman)

Prospera Valley GranFondo – Congratulations to TaG Riders

Congratulations to all TaG Trained riders in the Valley GranFondo today . Our TaG team – including Andrea Klas , Chrissy DeVall , Patrick Reddy , Evan and Charles Russel, John Forstrom , Rick Jeffries, Ken Ingram , Coach Chris and Coach Mo -placed 1st  in the 160 km Mixed Team Category, despite the 25… Read More

Congratulations BC Bike Race Finishers

Congratulations to our BC Bike Race Finishers! TaGTrained BCBR Finishers Dan and Jen ODay, Simon Coulter, Matt McCartney, Bob Faulkener, Christine Thorsen, Bobbi Handford, Lisa Floe, Dan McDougall, Dan Swanson, Jay Menning and TaG Coach Greg Day. Our Cheering Squad was out to support the 600 racers in BC Bike Race. A great contingent of… Read More

Penticton Fondo – TaG Trained!

Congratulations to TaG trained Penticton Fondo Riders ! Patrick  had a great ride , coming in 10 minutes under his goal ! Next up Valley Fondo and Whistler –  

Crushing it at OreCrusher !

April 16 , 2016  TaG Rider Jen Oday and TaG coach Grace Menning crushing it at Ore Crusher –race results

Eric Hung

With the addition of my weekly TaG workouts in the offseason I started off my 2015 race season much stronger.I was able to build from that strong base all the way to the end of the season. It was my most successful year yet with a podium at the Valley Fondo, Top 10’s at Cat… Read More

Matti Schroederus

Highlights: • Multiple Ironman finisher • Ironman 70.3 World Champion Qualifier • Tour Transalp 2013 finisher (Stelvio!) • Boston Qualifier – because of all the time on the bike, naturally Since coming to TaG I have learned so much about bike racing, technique, strategy, pacing, and so on. More importantly I am learning to expect… Read More

Donna Begg

I started biking in 2009 … kicking and screaming after a knee injury. I told our running group and anyone that would listen that we had to get bikes.  After bungling around on our bikes we quickly realized we needed a bike coach …we hadn’t a clue!  My girlfriends knew Lesley from highschool so I… Read More